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About The Club

The Silverback Summit Club is a fundraising group of individuals created to benefit the highly endangered mountain gorillas in central Africa. Organized by the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, this charity challenge invites climbing and hiking enthusiasts to select and train for a challenging climb or hike while raising funds through sponsorships. All funds raised are donated to the MGCF who has been protecting the mountain gorillas ever since the late Dian Fossey asked for assistance back in 1983.

Becoming a member of the club, you will be given your very own gorilla suit, yours to keep.  After a successful climb, you will be awarded with a certificate of accomplishment and a custom dog tag with the name of the mountain you just conquered. Collect these and hang on your backpack. What you have to submit is your pledge sheets, all funds raised, and a picture of you holding a sign or standing near a sign of the name of the mountain you’re on top of all while in full gorilla suit. You don’t have to climb in your suit, just a picture at the top in it. How fun is this?


Gorilla Headquarters 1-866 gorilla (467-4552)
In Denver 720-524-0272


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