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Silverback Summit Club is a group of mountain hiking/climbing enthusiasts who are looking for a unique way to enjoy their passion and help an endangered animal all at the same time. Designed to be family friendly and challenge the seasoned climber, the club helps to save the highly endangered mountain gorillas from extinction.

For Example: Colorado offers 54 mountain peaks that are all over fourteen thousand feet high. All you have to do is become a member of the club, pick a mountain in your means, solicit pledges and you're off climbing for a cause. Of course, if a fourteener is not part of your plan pick anything that fits your capabilities. We don't want to hurt anyone.

How Does It Work?

Designed for either individuals or teams, the Silverback Summit Club is a self-directed event. This means that participants select and schedule their own challenges with the goal of participating within a time that best fits your schedule. We suggest selecting one of the tallest peaks or hills in your local state or country, but you’re welcome to select a challenge meaningful to you or your group. In the months leading up to your climb, registrants are encouraged to seek sponsorship from family, friends and coworkers to benefit the highly endangered mountain gorillas. The MGCF will host one organized event during the year where members gather at one selected mountain, climb for a group picture at the top and conclude with an awards presentation at the trail head or at a nearby restaurant/ bar. This will be in Colorado.

Why Help Mountain Gorillas

Mountain Gorillas are the closest link to mankind with 98.6% the same DNA as you and me. MGCF introduced wildlife veterinary medicine in 1986 and was the first of it’s kind in the world for the protection of a endangered animal. Today, MGCF is expanding its veterinary program by educating local Ugandans and Rwandans to become veterinarians.  The current facility at Makerere University, has outgrown itself and we need more room to further the education of locals to first, protect the mountain gorilla, then expand to other wildlife in Uganda and Rwanda.   MGCF was the first in the world to ever build an "on location" vet center in 1986 for the protection of endangered animals.  Since then, 20 expatriate veterinarians have served in the countries and now locals have been educated enough to take over and protect their own wildlife. This is a great thing for central Africa!

Check out all our fundraising events at www.gorillaevents.com
Group of gorillas heading up Torreys Peak in Colorado. July 24, 2011.
Mountain Gorillas run into a Mountain Goat.
They made it.
Have to celebrate with the pink gorilla.
Thanks to our friends at Denver Mountain Guiding for their support!
Gorilla Headquarters 1-866 gorilla (467-4552)
In Denver 720-524-0272


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